Nikola Negorod

Music producer from Riga. Modular techno sound designer.

The Gimp New album 2021


The Gimp New album 2021.

Album was created in the process of acquaintance with the world of the modular synthesizer. I have always liked melodic music, but dance music, more rhythmic, did not leave me indifferent. I set myself the task of combining harmony and melody with rhythm so that it would not be too harsh and at the same time not too melodic.

I call this album the transition from virtual instrument to real instrument. In the process of creating this album, I was chasing an interesting sound and its harmonious change, depth of overtones and electrical overload.

The album is the beginning of a social and musical presentation of me as an artist. Both melancholic moods and optimistic, cheerful moods can be traced in it.

The Gimp
12'' Black Vinyl

This year is my 40th Birthday and I thought that it is the right time to release THE GIMP on vinyl. You can be a part of this event and make the best birthday present for me – I invite you to make a pre-order now and have THE GIMP album on vinyl in your collection.
Follow the updates about the vinyl release on my social media. I will contact everyone who purchased/participated personally once the release is out of the factory. For other payment methods – please contact me directly. 
Price is 25 EUR


The Gimp

1. Plastic
2. Psilocybin
3. DRN
4. Cometa
5. Candy Clown
6. Syncope

Released: 2021
Label: 2590350 Records DK


1. Muffin
2. Baba Yaga
3. Swing
4. One One
5. Ogim

Released: September 9. 2015
Label: Datenbits Recordings

Spring Yard

1. Spring Yard
2. Pt2
3. Sonatensatz.allegro

Released: April 28. 2014
Label: Datenbits Recordings


Nikola Negorod is a music producer from Riga. He makes functional modular techno and performs only live. For sound design and music creation Nikola uses mostly modular synthesizers, different music instruments combining this with digital technologies. 


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